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FUNDRAISING is an important part of making sure everyone can participate in sports and other activities. At Apollo Streams, we're dads and coaches and we know how difficult it can be to fund all of your kids' sports and activities. Even worse, we've seen some pretty pitiful fundraisers as well. In order to make sports and streaming a viable option for every sports program in America, we've found a way to offer our entire package and a year worth of streaming for absolutely free! We have created a program that allows you the ability to use an incredibly successful fundraiser as a way to earn your start up package for free and to make a lot of money for your program. One of our first fundraisers (for a high school marching band) made $60,000! In fact, it was so successful we decided to build an entire program around it just for you!

Fundraiser Details:
One-liter bottles of dark Mexican Vanilla is the fundraising product to be offered. This is the authentic flavoring directly imported from Mexico. Vanilla is the #1 utilized extract in the world and this one is delicious. Apollo Streams, Inc. has permitted on a limited basis that this product be sold through high school fundraisers for the past few years. The success and product acceptance has been fantastic. Apollo Streams provides the digital flyers, sample texts, and digital social media graphics that participating students can send to friends and family. Additionally, an advertisement promoting the fundraiser can be played during live streams.

The financial breakdown of the fundraiser is as follows:

• The suggested retail price for a liter bottle of authentic Mexican Vanilla is $27.00.
• The purchase price is $17.00 per liter bottle.
• The net per bottle profit for the school team or club is $10.00
• A school program selling 1,000 bottles would profit $10,000.

The handling of funds must comply with high school/district policy. To initiate a fundraiser, the athletic team or club completes and submits a Fundraiser Sign-Up Sheet. When completed, a purchase order for the fundraising product is submitted by the school/district to Apollo Streams, Inc. Product delivery will be coordinated with the participating team or club. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

Example: Consider the following example:

The football program has a successful fundraiser and sells 1,000 bottles of Mexican Vanilla thus netting a $10,000 profit. The team desires to live stream all twelve home and away games for both the junior varsity and varsity programs for a total of twenty-four events. The agreed upon Per Stream Fee is $150.00. The result would be as follows:

• Net Profit earned by the football program
• Per Stream Fee for all 24 games ($150 x 24)
• Funds available to the football program for other uses
  (Plus all 24 games streamed live!) *$1,200 for the intern, supervising teacher, and the Department respectively.


Does the fundraising really work?
"Best. Fundraiser. Ever. We sold almost $60,000 worth! Everyone was blown away at how successful it was. We're coming back again next year!"

"Our parents have been so happy with this fundraiser. Because this vanilla is a great product and a great deal, family and friends were eager to share posts on social media. This made it so easy with minimal or no door knocking. You couldn't ask for better results."

"I've tried lots of vanilla extracts and this is by far the best I've ever had! The taste, the smell (smells like vanilla, not alcohol) it's literally the perfect vanilla extract!"

"I LOVE this Vanilla! I have used it exclusively for so long I forgot how inferior the other brands were until I ran out one day and had to make a last-minute emergency McCormick vanilla purchase at the store. BIG MISTAKE. The only thing I could smell or taste was alcohol and it was horrible. Now, I always have a little backup bottle of Mexican Vanilla on standby so that I'm prepared to make a delicious batch of cookies, cake, or anything else I'm craving at the last minute!"

"I can't believe local businesses were so eager to support our program with meaningful advertisements. I guess they were getting tired with just their name being printed in some flyer that no one would ever see. One local business shared what we were doing on social media and captured the attention of their national corporation. We made over $5,000 in sponsorship ads our first year of streaming!"

What's your school waiting for?