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Incorporating your logos and commercials in a high school sport live stream offers advertisers a unique and compelling opportunity to connect with a highly engaged and local audience. By showcasing their brand during live streams, advertisers can increase brand visibility and awareness within the community. As these streams often attract family members, friends, and supporters of the participating teams, advertisers can tap into the emotional connections that individuals have with their local schools, creating a positive association between their brand and the sense of community pride.

Supporting high school teams through live stream advertising also demonstrates a commitment to the community and its values. It shows that advertisers are invested in the development and success of young athletes, fostering goodwill and positive sentiment towards their brand. By aligning themselves with the local sports scene, advertisers can establish themselves as integral parts of the community fabric, which can lead to long-term customer loyalty and patronage. Additionally, supporting high school sports provides advertisers with the opportunity to engage with the next generation of potential customers, building brand loyalty from an early age and nurturing lasting relationships as these young individuals grow into adults.

Overall, including logos and commercials in high school sport live streams not only offers immediate exposure but also grants advertisers the opportunity to become integral community supporters. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement that allows advertisers to connect with a captive audience while fostering a positive brand image rooted in community values and support.

Add in your logos and commercials

Incorporate your logo seamlessly into our scoreboards while showcasing your 30-second commercials for sponsorship with our local team(s) or broader state and national audiences. Your advertisements will enjoy prime visibility, being prominently displayed multiple times during every game throughout the entire season.

Spend what you want

The power is in your hands to set your budget. We offer the opportunity to showcase your logo and/or 30-second commercials at selected intervals during your chosen team's games. With each display or commercial play, we'll monitor the number of live viewers and deduct a Pay Per View amount from your account balance. Rest assured, you can access your account anytime to track your balance. Whenever your account drops below $100, we'll send you a friendly notification, prompting you to replenish it.

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