Sales representatives who specialize in helping schools with fundraising initiatives have a unique opportunity to leverage their connections and talents to tap into a whole new market of advertising through live streaming. As you build relationships with various schools, you develop a deep understanding of the local community, its values, and its sports culture. By collaborating with schools to implement live streaming for their sports events, our sales reps can offer an innovative platform for advertisers to reach a highly targeted and engaged audience.

Our sales reps can leverage their existing relationships with the schools, athletic departments, and local businesses to create advertising packages tailored to each team's audience. Advertisers can be offered various options, such as logo placements during the live streams, commercial spots between breaks or halftime and exclusive logo placements on instant replays and highlights. Since live streaming allows for greater viewership beyond those physically present, advertisers can benefit from reaching family members, friends, and fans who might not have been part of the traditional on-site audience.

Moreover, our sales reps can use their fundraising expertise to position these advertising opportunities as a win-win situation. They can emphasize that a portion of the advertising revenue goes back to supporting the school's sports programs and other educational initiatives. Advertisers can then feel good about contributing to the community's growth and development while also gaining exposure and brand recognition. This strategy creates a sense of shared purpose and community support, strengthening the relationship between the advertisers, the schools, and the local audience. In conclusion, our sales reps who help schools with fundraising can open up a whole new market of advertising by integrating live streaming into the sports events they work with. By leveraging their connections, understanding of the local community, and fundraising expertise, these sales reps can create valuable advertising opportunities that cater to a highly engaged audience while fostering a sense of community support and collaboration among advertisers, schools, and the viewers.

Our Sales Rep model is straightforward. Once you've gathered a minimum of ten or more advertisers willing to support a specific school, we will approve the activation of your sales rep account. At that point, you can add the school(s) to your account and create advertiser profiles.

Apollo Streams' exclusive patented technology meticulously monitors viewership throughout live streams, particularly when ads (logos or commercials) are showcased. We calculate advertisers' fees based on viewership numbers and set aside the portion owed to the school sports team and the sales representative who recruited them. At the end of each month, both sports teams and sales reps can log into their accounts and request the transfer of their share of advertising revenue. This system ensures advertisers only pay for the exposure their brand receives, and our sales reps are safeguarded in case of unexpected issues that prevent live streaming at a school (such as weather delays, camera personnel no-shows, or internet outages). Additionally, it incentivizes sports programs to promote their games and live streams, as higher viewership translates to increased earnings.

We are eager to learn more about your connections with advertisers, schools, and sports programs, and how you envision collaborating with Apollo Streams to maximize these connections.

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