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Apollo Streams is the most advanced multi camera live streaming software, instant replay, highlight sharing of high school sports in the world!

The Most Advanced Live Streaming Software

Apollo Streams has everything you need to run a professional looking live stream broadcast without the added expense. And best of all, you can do it with the items you may already own! (iPad and iPhones)

· Stream To ANY Platform
· Customize Your Scoreboard
· Switch Between Multiple Camera Angles
· Capture and Play Slow Motion Instant Replays From Each Camera Angle
· Easily Capture, Save and Share Highlights with Friends, Family and Scouts
· Play Commercials, Display Banners and Corporate Logos From Sponsors To Generate Revenue
Just to name a few...

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Educare School

Capture multiple camera angles from all around your court or field. The Apollo Streams connection technology allows for you to place cameras (iPhones) over 100 yards apart from each other with a simple mobile hotspot or wireless router. Switch easily between angles, zoom in/out and if you use a gimbal and remote, you can move the cameras in any direction all from the comfort of your chair.

Capture instant replays from every camera angle you're using! When something REALLY cool happens, tap the Capture Replay button and it will capture 5, 10, 15 or 30 seconds of what you just witnessed. Then, when there's a pause in the action, play the replay back in various speeds from multiple angles. Was he in? Watch it again in super slow motion and let your fans decide.

Play commercials, display banners or post logos from your favorite sponsors. You can choose to play ads when there's a lull in play or tap to display/hide the images from the screen. Resize and move images quickly and easily with your fingers. Ya know those corporate banners around your stadium/field? Hit your sponsors up for more $$$ and put their ads in the live streams!

Download the Apollo Streams App onto your iPad and test it out for FREE today!
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